Rakeway Music

H. Snell

Bank HolidayH. Snell£27.50
Beethoven's Beano - Full Band Warlock£22.50
Beethoven's Beano -Ten Piece BrassH. Snell£25.00
Black Ven: Concert MarchH. Snell£27.50
Bridal SongH. Snell£25.00
BurlesqueH. Snell£27.50
Champions! (Concert Prelude)H. Snell£22.50
Dream-Nocturne - Euphonium and StringsH. SnellTenor Tuba, Strings & opt. Vibraphone£40.00
Dream-Nocturne - Euphonium with pianoH. SnellTenor Tuba£10.00
Dream-Nocturne - Trumpet in E flat/Soprano Cornet ...H. SnellTrumpet in Eb£10.00
Excelsior!H. Snell£0.00
Exhibition Can-Can - Full BandH. Snell£27.50
Exhibition Can-Can - Ten Piece BrassH. Snell£30.00
Fantasy - Cornet in B flat with BandH. SnellCornet in Bb£27.50
Fantasy -Cornet in B flat with pianoH. SnellCornet in Bb£12.50
Four BagatellesH. SnellHorn in Eb£12.50
Four Bagatelles - Alto Saxophone in E flat with Pi...H. SnellAlto Saxophone in Eb & Piano£12.50
Four Bagatelles - Tenor Tuba/Horn in E flat with P...H. SnellTenor Tuba£12.50
Four Lichfield FanfaresH. SnellBrass Sextet£10.00
Gallery - Full BandH. Snell£95.00
Gallery Study ScoreH. Snell£12.00
Images of the Millennium - Full 2 Band VersionH. Snell£119.00
Images of the Millennium - SuiteH. Snell£99.00
Immee Rooin !H. SnellBrass Quintet£8.00
JubilateH. Snell£15.00
Mango WalkH. SnellPercussion Trio£27.50
Moto PerpetuoH. SnellEuphonium Duo in Bb£27.50
Moto Perpetuo (after Paganini)H. Snell£27.50
Old Chalet, The (Traditional Switzerland)H. Snell£34.50
OrationH. SnellEuphonium in Bb£27.50
OrationH. SnellEuphonium in Bb£8.00
OrationH. SnellTenor Tuba£8.00
Postcard from MexicoH. Snell£37.50
Postcard from Riddings, A (The Two Windmills) H. Snell£40.50
Suite : '.... Dancing with Angels ....'H. SnellSoprano Saxophone in Bb & Piano£15.50
Suite : Curtain Up ! (Four Scenes from the Theatre...H. SnellFlute & Piano£12.50
Toot SweetH. Snell£15.00
Variations on 'Drink to Me Only'H. SnellEuphonium in Bb£11.00
Variations on 'Drink to Me Only'H. SnellTenor Tuba & Wind Band£60.00
Variations on 'Drink to me only'H. SnellEuphonium in Bb£27.50
Variations on 'Drink to me only'H. SnellTenor Tuba£11.00