The RAKEWAY MUSIC CATALOGUE shows what is available for brass band in its various forms, including solos with band, and solos for brass band instruments with piano accompaniment.

The HOWARD SNELL MUSIC CATALOGUE contains repertoire for Symphonic Brass ensembles, mainly Ten Piece with Percussion, and also solos with piano and other forms of accompaniment. Almost without exception alternative parts are supplied for brass band instruments in their transpositions. The Symphonic Brass section is the main category, but in the Miscellaneous section a variety of instruments and ensembles make an appearance.

Two Books are also present - THE TRUMPET, A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS which has proved so popular among brass players, and - THE ART OF PRACTICE, A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS is written, not just for brass, but for players of all instruments.

This latter book concentrates on just one part of the musician's work, and takes issue with a great deal of official 'educational' theory. Fortunately the real world of performance is so rooted in practical common sense, that for both serious students and performers of all ages there is no doubt that knowing how to practise and prepare for performance is the musician's key skill.

All requests for non-standard orders (separate parts, separate scores etc and the type of mailing required) must be emailed to Rakeway Music at We will then reply with the total price and await email confirmation and payment via PayPal (PayPal account or credit card). Once the payment has been received, the music will be mailed.

In practical terms,

and before the days of computer origination of music, the material I produced was all manuscript and as conducting in the eighties for me was a mixture of orchestral work and band work, it meant that I also had little time to organise the professional copying of my material. Although almost all of the catalogue is now computered, I have withdrawn a good deal of music from circulation. Now and again I have considered going down the 'normal' route and linking up with a mainstream publisher, but independence has more advantages than negatives when I have thought about it for more than five minutes.

What remains regrettable for composers and arrangers who are starting out, is that many performers continue to think that talented youth can work for pennies or for nothing ? Luckily for me, I have always been able to write for my own interests alone, and not for a living. When the last talented youngster has left and switched out the light, there will be no use in crying.... Where are the good young music writers ? They will have been starved off and silenced by the very people who ask where they have gone. They will have gone to where they are appreciated.