Rakeway Music

Rakeway Music

Brass Band Music

Adagio (from Sonata Pathétique)Beethoven, L. van£27.50
Air (from the Third Suite)Bach, J.S.£27.50
All Mankind Must Pass AwayBach, J.S.£21.50
Allegro con brio: FINALE from 7th SymphonyBeethoven, L. van£45.00
AndanteBach, J.S.£27.50
AriosoBach, J.S.£27.50
Bank HolidayH. Snell£27.50
Battle Symphony, TheBeethoven, L. van£95.00
Beautiful DreamerFoster, S.£27.50
Beethoven's Beano - Full Band Warlock£22.50
Black Ven: Concert MarchH. Snell£27.50
BoleroRavel, M.£36.50
BurlesqueH. Snell£27.50
CavanquinoNazareth, E.£27.50
Champions! (Concert Prelude)H. Snell£22.50
Cossack Dance, ATschaikovsky, P.£27.50
CzardasStrauss, J.£27.50
Daphnis & Chloé Suite 2: (Study Score ONLY)...Ravel, M.£10.00
Daphnis & Chloé: (Conductor's Large Format ...Ravel, M.£34.50
Daphnis & Chloé: (The Second Suite)Ravel, M.£95.00
Eighteenth (18th) Variation - Full BandRachmaninov, S.£27.50
Ellan Vannin (Traditional Isle of Man)Traditional£22.50
Entry of the Gods into ValhallaWagner, R.£39.50
Excelsior!H. Snell£0.00
Exhibition Can-Can - Full BandH. Snell£27.50
Finale to Act 1 (from Lohengrin)Wagner, R.£31.50
Folk FestivalShostakovitch, D.£27.50
Gallery - Full BandH. Snell£95.00
Gallery Study ScoreH. Snell£12.00
GalopShostakovitch, D.£27.50
Galop - In the WoodsStrauss, J.£27.50
Gollywog's CakewalkDebussy, C.£27.50
Hungarian March (from The Damnation of Faust)Berlioz, H.£34.50
Images of the Millennium - Full 2 Band VersionH. Snell£119.00
Images of the Millennium - SuiteH. Snell£99.00
In Thee Is Joy (Chorale Prelude)Bach, J.S.£27.50
Largo (from Winter/The Seasons)Vivaldi, A.£27.50
March from Pines of Rome (Nº4) & Prelude (N&o...Respighi, O.£42.50
March to the ScaffoldBerlioz, H.£40.50
Mephisto's DanceLiszt, F.£27.50
Moto Perpetuo (after Paganini)H. Snell£27.50
Now Thank We All Our GodCruger, J.£27.50
Old Chalet, The (Traditional Switzerland)H. Snell£34.50
Passacaglia in C MinorBach, J.S.£61.50
Pavane for a Dead PrincessRavel, M.£27.50
Perpetuum MobileStrauss, J.£27.50
Pines of Rome (Complete Version), TheRespighi, O.£82.00
Polotsvian Dances (complete)Borodin, A.£45.00
Pomp & Circumstance March No 5Elgar, E.£27.50
Postcard from MexicoH. Snell£37.50
Postcard from Riddings, A (The Two Windmills) H. Snell£40.50
Prelude and Liebestod (Tristan)Wagner, R.£55.50
Procession to the MinsterWagner, R.£44.50
Russian DanceKhatchaturian, A.£27.50
Russian RhapsodyRachmaninov, S.£27.50
Russlan and Ludmilla (Overture)Glinka, M.£34.50
Solveig's SongGreig, E.£27.50
Spanish DanceFaur', G.£27.50
Spartacus, (Finale)Khatchaturian, A.£37.50
Steal Away (Spiritual from the USA)Traditional£27.50
Submerged Cathedral, TheDebussy, C.£37.50
Swanee HumoresqueTraditional£27.50
TarantellaRossini, G.£27.50
The Wild BearsElgar, E.£27.50
The Witches' SabbathBerlioz, H.£46.50
To SpringGreig, E.£27.50

The first answer with arranging lies in the original music itself : it must have a value of its own to be worth arranging, and not just be a space filler. Whether it is a straight transcription, or it contains a lesser or greater degree of creativity from the arranger, right up to the point where it can be claimed as an original work, an arrangement needs a musical value to exist.

The second value present must be the qualities the arranger brings to the table.

The third answer, and all the other answers, flow from the players and the conductor. How good and imaginative are they, in matters of playing, platform presentation and anything else that bears on the performance ?

It is easy on a cheery Saturday evening when the audience is geared up to have a good time, but try a wet Friday night when every member of the audience, arms folded defensively in front of them, is challenging the performers to force enjoyment on them. Those are the nights when you learn your trade...