Rakeway Music

Rakeway Music

Miscellaneous Titles

Berceuse from Dolly SuiteFaur', G.Tenor Saxophone in Bb & Strings£25.00
Dream-Nocturne - Euphonium and StringsH. SnellTenor Tuba, Strings & opt. Vibraphone£40.00
Four Bagatelles - Alto Saxophone in E flat with Pi...H. SnellAlto Saxophone in Eb & Piano£12.50
Procession to the MinsterWagner, R.Organ Solo£6.00
Suite : '.... Dancing with Angels ....'H. SnellSoprano Saxophone in Bb & Piano£15.50
Suite : Curtain Up ! (Four Scenes from the Theatre...H. SnellFlute & Piano£12.50
Variations on 'Drink to Me Only'H. SnellTenor Tuba & Wind Band£60.00

For someone whose output is almost totally brass orientated, this MISCELLANEOUS TITLES section may seem like an after-thought. It was to start with, but is no longer, as many of my plans are for non-brass works, from piano pieces for starter players to full-on concert works containing no brass at all.

Having spent approximately 25 years as a player playing in and listening to a series of ensembles and soloists of the finest quality, my musical world is not one that is rooted in brass. I have always felt that the future for brass sound lies in developing its relationships with as many other instrumental sound worlds as possible.

If I have contributed in any way to the development of brass scoring it is because of imagining what might be possible, and not accepting preconceived limitations... and accepting that risk means failure sometimes, but without risk there is no success.